What Is Family Reunion Visa Australia?

The family migration scheme in Australia permits eligible persons to sponsor their parents, dependent children or relatives to join them in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. The family visa Australia caters for the various family categories from relatives, siblings, parents to immediate family unit.

Can I bring my sister to Australia permanently?

Are you thinking of bringing your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, or other relatives to Australia? As an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you can sponsor your relatives to come to Australia.

Which family members can sponsor you in Australia?

What options are available to sponsor my relatives? Aged dependent relatives, orphan relatives, remaining relatives and carers of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens may be sponsored for visas to come to Australia permanently.

Who is eligible for family sponsored visa Australia?

Eligible relatives include a parent, child, sibling, aunt/uncle, grandparent and first cousin. As a sponsor, you must be aged at least 18 years of age and be an Australian citizen or permanent residence visa holder, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Can I bring my parents to Australia permanently?

There are several visas that will allow you to bring your parents to Australia permanently including: Contributory parent visa (Subclass 143) – processing time of 5-6 years. Contributory aged parent visa (Subclass 864) – processing time of 5-6 years. Parent visa (Subclass 103) – processing time of 30 years.

What is 491 family sponsored visa?

491 Family Sponsored Visa provides a Pathway to Permanent Residence. The 491 Family Sponsored Visa provides a direct pathway to permanent residence after 3 years of holding the visa. Those who continue to live and work in a designated regional area of Australia will be eligible to transition to the subclass 191 visa.

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How do I sponsor a family member to Australia?

  1. Be sponsored by a relative or their partner who lives in Australia.
  2. Not be married or in a de facto relationship.
  3. Meet dependency requirements.
  4. Meet age requirements.
  5. Have an assurance of support.
  6. Meet health and character requirement.

Can I sponsor my sister to Australia?

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident then yes, you can sponsor your sister to visit you in Australia on a visitor visa. You can sponsor family members, including sisters, on a subclass 600 (family sponsored stream) visitor visa. To be a relative, you must be an applicant’s: partner, parent or child.

Can I sponsor my first cousin to Australia?

Unfortunately no, you can not sponsor your cousin to visit Australia on a visitor visa. However, you can sponsor your niece or nephew – so if your parent is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, then they can sponsor your cousin to come to Australia on a visitor visa.

Can a friend sponsor me to Australia?

As an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you can sponsor family members to visit Australia. Unfortunately there is no visitor visa to sponsor a friend to come to Australia.

How many points do you need for family sponsorship?

To be eligible for the relative/family sponsored stream, at minimum the applicant must meet the following: 65 points (note: 65 points may not be enough to receive an invitation to apply)

Who can be sponsored under family class?

they must have an eligible relative, or spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner who meets the requirements to be a sponsor. they must prove their identity, age and relationship to their sponsor. the applicant and their dependent family members must not be inadmissible.

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How much is it to sponsor someone in Australia?

The costs to sponsor an employee on a visa or a temporary visa like the 482 visa, is $1,200 each year. This increases to $1,800 per year for employers with a turnover of more than $10 million. Employees on the medium-term stream occupation list have an eye on permanent residence in Australia.

Which visa is best for parents in Australia?

Contributory parent visa 143 is described as the best Australian visa to sponsor your parents. The visa enables them to come and stay with you. The visa provides them many options where they can live, study and work in the island continent permanently.

Can my elderly parents move to Australia?

Generally you can apply for both Parent (under 66 years old ) and Aged Parent Visa (over 66 years old) from inside or outside Australia. However, you are only granted a bridging visa if you have applied for an Aged Parent Visa (over 66 years old) contributory/non contributory from within Australia.

Can I live in Australia if my son lives there?

Australia allows permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their parents to come and live in Australia. Currently, a maximum of around 8,500 parent visas can be granted each year, so with high demand, the wait periods are long.

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