Quick Answer: How To Check Family Visa Status In Qatar?

The status of your Qatar family visit visa can be checked on MoI website under Inquiries >> Visa Services >> Visa Approval Tracking. Fill in all the required details accurately and you will be able to check the status of your visit visa.

How can I check my Moi family visa status?

Log in with your smartcard to the MOI e-services portal. Click on “Visa Services” then “Family Visit Application”. Use the “Service Options” page to check all available options of the service.

How can I check my Metrash2 visa status?

You can track the status of different applications such as visa, residence permit, PCC, Qpost and many other services through ‘Inquiries’ option in #MoIQatar website and #Metrash2 mobile app.

How many days it will take to get family visa in Qatar?

You will receive an update after a few days NOTE: Earlier, the time taken for processing of family visit visa used to be a maximum of one week. After resuming the visa applications in 2021, it is taking up to 4 weeks for many people.

How can I check my visa status online?

  1. Visit the official visa website of the country of visit.
  2. Find the option of tracking the visa application status.
  3. Enter the acknowledgement number or passport number and the date of birth.
  4. Following that, enter the captcha code and click ‘submit’.

How can I check my visa status in Qatar?

  1. Step 1: Visit the website link of MOI Qatar and click the Magnifying Glass. Click on the magnifying glass.
  2. Step 2: Click the “Visa Inquiry” Link. click on “visa inquiry”
  3. Step 3: Click the Visa Inquiry and Printing link (Binocular icon)
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What is the minimum salary for family visa in Qatar?

Visa applications needs to be sub-mitted through Metrash2 for spouse, children or for relatives like brother, sister or parents.To apply visit visas for spouse and children, a minimum salary of QR5,000 is required while for other rela-tives minimum salary required is QR10,000.

What is family yearly visit visa Qatar?

Expatriate workers wishing to bring members of their family to Qatar on a short term basis (up to six months) can apply for a Family Visit Visa. The visa is valid for one month and can be extended for up to six months for immediate family members (wife, sons, daughters) and three months for other relatives.

When visit visa will open in Qatar 2021?

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) announced the resumption of issuing tourist and family entry visas as of Monday, 12 July 2021.

How long does a family visa take?

Applications for family visas may take up to 24 weeks to process. You should get a decision within 24 weeks once you attend your appointment at the visa application centre, if you are applying to settle in the UK as the spouse, partner or family member of someone who has British citizenship or is settled in the UK.

How much is family visa in Qatar?

How much does it cost to get a family visa in Qatar? The price of the initial visa to enter the country costs QR 200. Nevertheless, there are some extra fees you are required to pay for Health Tests, ID Card, and some other expenses required for attestation or translation.

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What is a visa status?

The term “visa” refers only to the sticker you receive in your passport, whereas “status” refers to your formal immigration classification in the U.S. as indicated on one’s I-94 record. It is possible to have multiple visas in one’s passport, but an individual can only have one immigration status while in the U.S.

How do you check if my visa is Cancelled?

  1. Visit the GDRFA website.
  2. Select the Residence validity from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your residence file number.
  4. Enter your residence file number, which is found on the visa page in the passport.
  5. Enter your information, such as your first name, gender, date of birth, etc.

Can I check my visa status with passport number?

Yes, the status of the visa can be Tracked using the passport number. This feature comes in handy if the applicant misplaces the acknowledgement number provided to him.

How can I check my Qatar visa ban status using passport number?

Click General Services. From General Services, choose “Inquire Travel Ban.” From here, there is a page that contains a circular of travel bans. From here, you will check to see if your ID number is in that list.

How can I check my Qid status in Qatar?

If you want to know the status of your QID, you can visit the Ministry of Interior website. You can see various options when you get to the site. Click on “Inquiries” where you can check on the status of your preferred transaction. Then choose “Other Inquiries” to check on the status of your QID.

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