Quick Answer: How Do I Know If My Australian Immigration Agency Is Legit?

If you wish to use an Australian migration agent, check that they are registered on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority website ( or if they are operating outside Australia to check with the relevant Business Registration office that they are a legitimate business.

Is the Office of Immigration Australia legit?

There is only one official Australian Government provider of visas – the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). DIAC’s official website is

What is the official website for Australia Immigration?

Who is the best migration agent for Australia?

  1. ANZ Migrate.
  2. Affinity Migration.
  3. Migration Expert Australia.
  4. Aussizz Group.
  5. VisaConnect.
  6. 1to1 Australian Migration Services.
  7. My New Australian Life.
  8. Direct Migration Experts.

Does Australian Immigration call you?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Australia is warning that there are a number of scams which target people looking for visas and jobs. ‘We have been made aware of a wave of scam phone calls currently taking place.

Is Australian visa lottery legit?

Sadly, Australia does not have any visa lottery program in 2022. This information is trusted as it is coming from the Australian immigration agency The Information says Australia only has immigration programs for the year 2022. Do not feel sad.

Which state is easy to get PR in Australia?

If we had to currently pick one state that in general is the easiest to receive state nomination, it would be South Australia. In fact, we have noticed many applicants, particularly from Western Australia or Victoria, have moved to South Australia to apply for state nomination.

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Is Australia PR Open?

On December 15, 2021, Australia will open its international borders to skilled migrants, international students, and other visa holders who meet the requirements. The plan to reopen the Australian border to migrants is proceeding according to schedule.

How do I contact the Australian immigration Department?

If you’re looking for information on immigration and/or visas, you can find it online at the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website. Alternatively, you can call 13 18 81.

Are migration agents worth it?

Although a visa application is never guaranteed to be successful, Migration Agents often have a higher success rate than regular applicants. For example at No Borders Migration we have an average success rate of 98%. This is because of the specialised knowledge and expertise that Migration Agents bring to the table.

Do I need an agent to apply for a visa?

Most applications are rejected due to wrong documents or providing insufficient evidence to warrant a visa. To avoid such mistakes, it’s advisable to use a migration agent to apply for a visa. A migration agent has been on the job for the longest time, and so, they’re quite familiar with the dos and the don’ts.

How much does a migration agent cost for partner visa?

You’ll never have to pay more than $2150 for an experienced migration agent or immigration lawyer to carry you through your partner visa application!

Do immigration officers call you?

First of all, any official U.S. government website or email address should always end in “. gov”—if not, and the website or email claims to be from the government, it’s probably a scam. Likewise, USCIS will never call you to request information about your case.

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Does Canada Immigration call people?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will not contact you in person, online or over the telephone to collect fees or fines to avoid deportation or other consequences. Be aware: Scammers often give a fake name and agent number to appear legitimate.

Does Australia have lottery visa?

Those born in Australia have generally always been eligible to apply for selection in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Australians will likely be eligible to apply for the U.S. Green Card Lottery (DV-2024) in October 2022.

How many years do you have to live in Australia to be a citizen?

Australian Citizenship Requirements You are over 16 years of age. You have lived in Australia for a period of four years, including 12 months as a permanent resident. Are of good character. Have an adequate knowledge of your responsibilities and privileges as a citizen.

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