Is Qatar Visa Free For Ghanaians?

Applicant is not required to be present when applying for Qatar online e visa. A total of 10 documents are required for applying Qatar online e visa. You can also find visa exemptions and useful tips from fellow travellers.

Can I travel from Ghana to Qatar?

Travel is allowed with restrictions for vaccinated travelers The information on this page is applicable to people who are fully vaccinated and traveling from Ghana to Qatar. Governments may change their policies with little notice.

How much is Qatar visa fee?

Online Tourist Visa The cost of the Qatar Tourist Visa is QAR 100. Tourist Visa holders are allowed to stay in Qatar for up to 30 days on a single trip. To submit a request for a Qatar Tourist Visa, visitors are required to: complete an online form.

Do we have Qatar Embassy in Ghana?

The embassy of Qatar in Accra is located at 59, Fifth Circular Road, Next to Eagle House in Cantonments and can be contacted by telephone on (0) 302 751 350 as well as by email The consular section shares location as well as telephone number and email address with the embassy.

Is Qatar visa available now?

As per some sources, the visa on arrival service to Qatar has now resumed after it was suspended in 2020, following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. At present, over 95 countries around the world are eligible to obtain a visa waiver upon arrival to Qatar.

How long does it take to process a visa to Qatar?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Qatar Visa? If all the documents are in order, and there are no problems regarding your application, then most visa applications for Qatar are processed within 4 working days.

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How many hours does it take to fly from Ghana to Qatar?

The total flight duration from Ghana to Doha, Qatar is 7 hours, 56 minutes.

How long is from Ghana to Qatar?

Yes, the driving distance between Ghana to Qatar is 9228 km. It takes approximately 5 days 7h to drive from Ghana to Qatar.

How can I get working visa in Qatar?

  1. The employment contract.
  2. A duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour.
  3. A medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health.
  4. A copy of the employee’s passport.
  5. Two passport photographs.
  6. Any relevant educational certificates.

When visit visa will open in Qatar 2021?

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) announced the resumption of issuing tourist and family entry visas as of Monday, 12 July 2021.

Can I travel to Qatar without visa?

Main navigation. Some visitors to Qatar require a visa, more than 80 countries nationals can enter Qatar visa-free and certain passengers are eligible for visas on arrival. When travelling from Qatar, all expatriate residents, as well as some visitors, must have exit permits.

Who can enter Qatar without visa?

Nationals from the following countries can visit Qatar without a visa and stay for up to 90 days: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, …

How can I apply for Qatar visa online?

  1. Duly fill the online application form on the official website for Qatar Visa.
  2. After that being done, the form must be downloaded and printed.
  3. Next, the applicant needs to personally sign the Qatar Visa Application Form.
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Where is Qatar located in Ghana?

Ghana is located in Ghana at the longitude of -1.03 and latitude of 7.94. Qatar is located in Qatar at the longitude of 51.18 and latitude of 25.35 . Driving Distance : 9242 KM and 475 meters / 5743 miles. Straight Line Distance : 5848 KM and 400 meters / 3634 miles.

When Qatar visa will open?

In August 2017, the State of Qatar made a landmark announcement that it will allow visa-free entry for citizens of more than 80 countries, with immediate effect, making it the most open country in the Middle East.

How much is 3 months visit visa in Qatar?

The cost of the Qatar Tourist Visa is QAR 100 (USD 27) for the main applicant, QAR 50 (USD 13.50) for each accompanying person and QAR 200 (USD 55) as overstaying fine per day. Tourist Visa holders are allowed to stay in Qatar for up to 30 days on a single trip.

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