How To Obtain German Citizenship Through Grandparents?

Many people whose parents, grandparents or great-grandparents were born in Germany qualify for German citizenship through descent. In essence you can reclaim your German citizenship by descent if: You have ancestors who had their citizenship taken away under Nazi rule on political, racial or religious grounds in 1938.

Can I get German citizenship if my grandparent had citizenship?

If you do have family ties, then you may be eligible to apply for German citizenship by descent. This means that if one of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents was a German citizen, then you may also be one!

Can I get German citizenship through my ancestors?

To apply for reclaiming your German citizenship by descent, you must: Submit your birth certificate and/or your ancestors’ birth certificates. You must prove the link between yourself and your ancestors. Submit any other documents that prove your eligibility for German citizenship, such as old German passports.

Can I get German citizenship if my ancestors were German?

In essence, you can reclaim your German citizenship by descent if: Your ancestors had their citizenship taken away under the Nazi rule on political, racial, or religious grounds in 1938 (more on this in the section below)

Can you get dual citizenship through grandparents?

Your parents, grandparents, or distant relatives could be your ticket to dual citizenship. Whether you’re seeking to reconnect with your family heritage, move overseas, or simply want a second passport at your disposal, at least 50 countries offer some version of citizenship by descent.

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Can I get an EU passport through my grandparents?

Jus sanguinis You may be eligible for EU citizenship if you have parents, grandparents or great-grandparents that were from an EU country.

What’s the easiest European country to get citizenship in?

1) Portugal What make Portugal the easiest country in Europe to gain citizenship is that there are no physical presence requirements. Meaning you only need to hold your resident permit in order to qualify for naturalization. You don’t need to spend most of the year in the country like most other countries.

How long does it take to get German citizenship by descent?

If you are eligible for German citizenship by descent, the main benefit is that it is very quick: you can have a citizenship certificate within two to three years.

How do I know if I have German ancestors?

The two websites generally considered to be the most complete are RootsWeb and the Mormon Church’s Family Search Both are set up for searches. You can enter the known facts about your ancestor and, with luck, come up with additional details.

Who qualifies for German citizenship?

To be eligible for naturalization, a person has to have lived legally in Germany for at least eight years and possess the appropriate residence permit. Foreigners who have successfully completed an integration course are eligible for naturalization after seven years.

Where is the easiest country to get citizenship?

  1. Canada.
  2. Fiji.
  3. Jamaica.
  4. Mexico.
  5. Panama.
  6. St Kitts and Nevis.
  7. The United States of America (USA)
  8. Uruguay.
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Is dual citizenship allowed in Germany?

As a rule, no. One aim of German nationality law is to avoid creating multiple nationality through naturalization as far as possible. However, there are exceptions for cases of special hardship. For more information please contact your local naturalization authority.

Can an American get German citizenship?

German Citizenship Requirements for Naturalization You must have lived in Germany on a residence permit for at least eight years, or. You must have lived in Germany on a residence permit for seven years and attended an integration course (this becomes six years in special integration circumstances)

Which countries allow citizenship through grandparents?

Nations that grant citizenship based on a blood ancestry basis, if your parent or grandparent was a citizen, include Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Greece, and Armenia.

How do you prove citizenship by descent?

The applicant must provide the birth certificates and other documents that prove his or her connection to the country via ancestry. For example, if your parents, grandparents, or (in rare cases) great grandparents hail from a country, you could be eligible to get that country’s citizenship yourself.

Can I get citizenship through DNA test?

No country will grant you citizenship based on the results of a DNA test alone. To be granted nationality rights in any country, you need legal proof that a parent or grandparent was a citizen. However, a DNA test does not prove anything about how many generations back your ancestry in any given country may have been.

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