How To Immigrate To Usa As A Truck Driver?

If you are a foreign worker hoping to work as a truck driver in the US, you may be served best by applying for an H-2B Visa. According to, this is the best visa option for truck drivers.

Are truck drivers in demand in USA?

Statistics show that there is a shortage of truck drivers in the year 2019. What is this? Currently, Canada reports being short around 25,000 truck drivers while the US reports a whopping shortage of around 60,000 drivers. This is predicted to increase over the next few years.

How do I enter the United States as a commercial truck driver?

Before entering the United States, all commercial drivers must have an ACE e-manifest submitted and accepted in the system prior to their arrival at the primary lane (one hour prior if non-FAST; one-half hour if FAST certified).

Which visa is required for truck driver in USA?

The type of visa required to drive a commercial truck across the border is the B-1 category, which permits visitors to enter the US for business purposes. An applicant for a B-1 visa is typically issued a B-1/B-2 visa, which allows the applicant to enter the US for both business and tourism.

How much does a truck driver get in USA?

The average truck driver salary in the USA is $62,407 per year or $32 per hour. Entry level positions start at $47,630 per year while most experienced workers make up to $85,036 per year.

What is the trucking industry worth in 2021?

In 2021, the total market size of the truckload industry in the United States is expected to reach over 212 billion U.S. dollars. Over the recent years, this market has experienced a continuous increase as a result of improving economic needs for inland freight transportation in the U.S.

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Why is there a truck driver shortage in US?

A 1,000-mile journey through the middle of America reveals the fundamental reason for truck driver shortages: It is a job full of stress, physical deprivation and loneliness. Stephen Graves at a rest stop in Oklahoma, where he slept for the night.

Can truck driver get work visa in USA?

The H-2B Option U.S. trucking companies can use the H-2B visa to hire foreign commercial truck drivers. This visa program is designed to help U.S. employers overcome shortages of U.S. workers who are not willing and able to perform nonagricultural labor.

Is my HGV Licence valid in USA?

Re: Driving HGV In USA Yes. Cdl, can be done. You can get a visa/permit for the harvest runs if you want and do your cdl.

Can truckers go to Canada?

Effective January 15, 2022, all travelers entering Canada, including truck drivers, must use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information, including proof of vaccination. Submission of mandatory travel information can be done up to 72 hours before arriving in Canada.

How long does it take to become a truck driver in USA?

On average, it takes about seven weeks to get your CDL (commercial driver’s license) when attending a full-time driver training program. The length of time it takes to get your CDL relies on a handful of factors. It can take as little as three weeks or upwards of six months.

How many truck drivers are immigrants?

Trucking Companies are Successfully Recruiting Immigrants According to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are approximately 1.2 million long-haul truck drivers currently working in the United States. Of this number, 225,000 of those drivers, or nearly 19 percent, are immigrants.

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What country pays truck drivers the most?

  1. Switzerland: $70,452.
  2. Australia: $53,951.
  3. Belgium: $50,462.
  4. Norway: $47,572.
  5. United States: $47,130.
  6. Germany: $46,871.
  7. Netherlands: $46,865.
  8. Austria: $46,217.

Which country is best for driver job?

  1. Australia. The trucking business in Australia is blooming more than ever.
  2. Norway. Apart from the trucking profession, Norway offers the best job opportunities to all kinds of professions due to its stable economic system.
  3. The USA. ‚Äč
  4. Canada.
  5. Switzerland.
  6. Sweden.
  7. Netherlands.

How many CDL drivers are there in the US?

There are approximately 3.6 million professional truck drivers in the United States, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA).

Is the trucking industry growing?

Size of the truckload market has grown 1.6% year over year from $193.21b in 2020 to $196.34b in 2021. Size of the less-than-truckload market in the U.S. has grown from $76.41b in 2018 to $80.16b in 2021.

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