How To Get Work Permit In Hong Kong?

  1. Valid passport with at least 6 months validity.
  2. Employment visa application form (fully filled).
  3. Job offer letter.
  4. Recent passport sized photographs (2 to 3).
  5. Travel Insurance.
  6. Health Insurance.

Is it easy to get work permit in Hong Kong?

It’s notoriously difficult for companies to obtain work visas in Hong Kong, as the country typically fills vacancies with local professionals. However, knowing the right qualifications and doing the proper research will help you demonstrate that your employees are well-qualified for the job.

How much does a Hong Kong work visa cost?

Issuance of the self-employment visa costs as much as a business visa, 230 HKD (30 USD).

Do you need sponsorship to work in Hong Kong?

Permanent employees will find that it is possible to get a work permit easily using the sponsorship of the employer, which is required in Hong Kong. To sponsor an employee, local registration and licensing is required, which can be a lengthy process depending on the type of business structure.

Can foreigners work in Hong Kong?

Foreign applicants who possess special skills, experience and knowledge not readily available in Hong Kong are allowed to take employment in Hong Kong. To work in Hong Kong, a foreigner must have a valid work visa. Employers are required to apply for a work visa on behalf of your employee.

Who can legally work in Hong Kong?

Eligible applicants must have good educational qualifications and possess special skills, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in the Hong Kong in order to obtain Hong Kong employment visa. There is no quota system limiting the number of Hong Kong work visas under this scheme.

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How can a foreigner get a job in Hong Kong?

It is relatively hard to get a job in Hong Kong. The employers are picky when choosing foreign workers and fill visa application. The workers need to meet strict qualifications to land a job, and the employer needs to prove that they cannot pick a local resident for the job instead.

Is getting a work visa easy?

Don’t be intimidated by a long visa process—it’ll pay off (sometimes literally). The work visa application process varies depending on your nationality and destination, but usually you’ll need to first secure a job offer and sponsorship. Depending on your destination, you may also need to prove residency.

How long does HK work visa take?

The processing time of a Hong Kong working visa is normally 4-6 weeks from the date of submission. Upon approval of the application, a two-year work visa will be granted. The applicant will then be allowed to apply a resident Hong Kong Identity card.

How long can I stay in Hong Kong without a visa?

You can visit Hong Kong for up to 6 months without a visa. However during the COVID-19 pandemic, different entry requirements are being applied in Hong Kong. For up-to-date advice on entry requirements and restrictions, please visit the Hong Kong SAR government’s website.

Can I live and work in Hong Kong?

This means that people from around 170 different countries around the world can visit Hong Kong visa free for periods ranging between seven days and 180 days, while you’ll still need a visa to work, study or live permanently in Hong Kong.

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How long can you work in Hong Kong without a visa?

You can visit Hong Kong for up to 6 months without a visa. Full details on the entry requirements can be found on the Travel Advice.

What jobs are in demand in Hong Kong?

The top three job functions with the highest recruitment demand last year were “Information Technology”, “Corporate Sales & Business Development” and “Banking/Finance”, which respectively increase by 35%, 55% and 36% from 2020.

What is a good salary for Hong Kong?

An employee working in Hong Kong receives an average monthly salary of 36,000 HKD (around USD 4,684). On digging deeper, you’ll see that the employee salary in the region ranges from 9,260 HKD (lowest average) to 163,000 HKD (highest average).

Can you work in Hong Kong without speaking Chinese?

You do not need to speak Chinese to work in Hong Kong as it has long been an international trading hub and people of many nationalities live and work in Hong Kong.

Can I work without visa?

All countries, including the US, require a work permit visa for foreign workers; employers will not hire you without one. For select countries, short-term work permit visas are available by application. In other cases, such as for long-term employment, foreign employers will need to apply for the visa on your behalf.

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