How To Get German Passport In Australia?

  1. Application form (see below)
  2. Two recent, identical, biometric passport photos.
  3. current/ last German passport (not applicable for first time applications)
  4. Full Birth certificate (if in another language, please also provide a translation into German or English)

Can an Australian get German citizenship?

German Australian Dual Citizenship Germans, after spending some time in Australia, may decide to apply to become an Australian citizens. Overall, Australian laws are loose when it comes to dual citizenship and in many cases, it’s allowed without question.

How long does it take to get a German passport in Australia?

How long is the processing times for a German passport? The average processing time is between 8 and 10 weeks – provided your application is complete and no documents are missing.

Can I have a German and Australian passport?

A child born to German/Australian parents in Germany can hold both German and Australian citizenship according to German and Australian law. There is no legal requirement for your child to hold a valid Australian passport. However, Australian citizens need to use their Australian passport to enter and leave Australia.

Can you be a dual citizen of Australia and Germany?

Many Germans, who have been living in Australia for some time, may consider becoming an Australian citizen. And they may be encouraged by the fact that Australian citizenship law in general does not pose many hurdles to obtain dual or multiple citizenship.

Do I qualify for German citizenship?

German Citizenship Requirements for Naturalization You must have lived in Germany on a residence permit for at least eight years, or. You must have lived in Germany on a residence permit for seven years and attended an integration course (this becomes six years in special integration circumstances)

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How do I apply for a German passport?

To apply for a German passport (Reisepass beantragen) you can make an appointment at the citizens’ office (Bürgeramt) in the municipality in which you are registered. You can also apply at citizens’ offices in other municipalities but you may have to pay a supplementary fee.

Can I have dual citizenship in Germany?

If you are born in Germany to foreign parents, you can become a dual German citizen— if at least one of your parents lived in Germany for eight years with a permanent residence card. If you are born outside of Germany to at least one German parent, you qualify for dual citizenship.

Can I get a German passport if my grandparents are German?

If you do have family ties, then you may be eligible to apply for German citizenship by descent. This means that if one of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents was a German citizen, then you may also be one!

How long does a German passport take?

Processing time Passports/ ID cards are printed at the Federal Printing Office in Berlin and take between 4 and 6 weeks to be processed and issued. Expedited passport processing takes approximately 2 -3 weeks.

How long can an Australian live in Germany?

Australian citizens are allowed to travel to Germany and to stay in Germany for up to 90 days without having to apply for a visa, as long as their passport is valid for the entire duration of the stay and as long as they do not engage in any kind of employment in Germany.

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Where is the easiest country to get citizenship?

  1. Canada.
  2. Fiji.
  3. Jamaica.
  4. Mexico.
  5. Panama.
  6. St Kitts and Nevis.
  7. The United States of America (USA)
  8. Uruguay.

Who can apply for German passport?

To be eligible for naturalization, a person has to have lived legally in Germany for at least eight years and possess the appropriate residence permit. Foreigners who have successfully completed an integration course are eligible for naturalization after seven years.

What’s the easiest European country to get citizenship in?

1) Portugal What make Portugal the easiest country in Europe to gain citizenship is that there are no physical presence requirements. Meaning you only need to hold your resident permit in order to qualify for naturalization. You don’t need to spend most of the year in the country like most other countries.

How do I get German citizenship in 6 years?

For example, if you’re working in Germany on a Blue card residence permit, you can become a citizen after as little as 5 or 6 years, depending on your language proficiency. You must be able to prove your German language proficiency is B1 or better.

How strong is German passport?

German passport ranks second in passport index The ranking system awards a passport one point for each country it allows travel to without the need for a pre-obtained visa. Passports are also awarded a point if the bearer can obtain a visa on arrival, or a visitor’s permit or electronic travel authority.

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