How Do I Change My Australian Permanent Resident Passport Details?

You can notify us by the following method: Complete Form 929 – Change of address and/or passport details form (172KB PDF) and email it to

How can I change my passport number in Australian immigration?

  1. Login to ImmiAccount.
  2. Use the ‘+’ icon to expand the application details.
  3. Select ‘Update details’
  4. ​Select ‘Change of passport details’
  5. Select the applicant.
  6. Enter the new passport details.
  7. Enter the reason for the change.
  8. Select ‘Submit’​​

How long does it take to update passport details Australia?

Whether you apply in Australia or overseas, you should allow up to 6 weeks to get a new passport.

Can I travel with new passport and visa on old passport to Australia?

If a valid visa of any kind is linked to an expired passport, it is possible to continue to use the visa until it expires, provided both the old and new passports are carried together when travelling to Australia.

Can you change address on passport?

If you have changed your residential address or are relocating, you are required to update this information in your passport. To change your address on your passport, you need to apply for a re-issue of your passport. Through this process, you will receive a new passport with a new number and your updated address.

How do I update my passport with immigration?

Your contact and passport details can be updated online via ImmiAccount if your application was lodged online. Further details are available at under the ‘Available services’ tab.

How can I change my passport details online?

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Visit the official website of Passport Seva and click on the ‘Register Now’ option. Log in with your registered ID and select the ‘Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport’ option. Fill in the application form with relevant details. Click on the link displayed on your screen to pay and schedule an appointment.

Does passport number change when renewed Australia?

Each passport you own will have a different number. The new passport number will be needed for any flight reservations and visa applications that are needed for any upcoming trips. The old passport number will no longer be valid.

How long does it take to update passport details on Immiaccount?

After renewing your passport, you should update the passport details in immi account, which is the most fast and correct way to do that. After you see submitted in immi, all you need to do is wait for a successful update email. My case took around 2 weeks.

Is my visa still valid if I get a new passport?

U.S. visas cannot be transferred from one passport to another. You can travel to the United States with both passports as well as your marriage certificate, or you can apply for a new visa.

Is my Australian visa still valid if my passport expires?

Most visas in Australia you can apply for as long as you have a valid passport (even a day). Please note, if your passport expires after you have lodged the visa, you would need to provide immigration with your new passport details before the visa is granted.

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When should I renew my passport Australia?

To keep your travel options active, you should aim to complete passport renewal applications at 9-12 months before it’s due to expire as some countries require at least six months of validity. Passports can be renewed once they’ve expired, but only within three years of their expiry date.

How do I update my passport number in Ica PR?

  1. Your passport biodata page.
  2. Your Long-Term Visit Pass card.
  3. Your sponsor’s Identity Card.

How much does it cost to change address on passport?

Does it cost to change address on my passport? It doesn’t cost anything to change address on your passport.

What documents do I need to change my name on my passport?

  1. a deed poll.
  2. a statutory declaration.
  3. an affidavit.

Is police verification required for passport renewal with address change?

The officer verifies details submitted by an individual, including – Name, Age, Address. This verification is conducted after issuing an applicant’s passport. Police verification isn’t required for the reissue of a passport if an applicant submits the renewal application before his/her current passport expires.

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